Teal Paws offers a unique combination of modalities by incorporating mindfulness coaching, group discussion and animal assisted therapy. At the heart of our program is the dogs. Ally Dog Teams will be taught the techniques of pain-free positive dog training. Dogs offer an unconditional support system, providing comfort, relaxation and entertainment. The effects of sexual trauma are very real and difficult to go through alone; a dog can be the Ally that is there for you. Coming together weekly to practice dog training gives opportunity to cultivate other skills to help participants accept their thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and reduce the avoidance, intrusive thoughts, and numbness symptoms characteristic of PTSD.

Teal Paws Goals


  • Facilitate a space for connection
    • Provide a safe space where group participants can find community with one another
    • Provide guidance and support for the bonding between canine and human
      • Educate both in ways to effectively communicate with each other
      • Nurture the development of trust
  • Build confidence and skills in both members of the human/canine team
    • Teach gentle, pain-free, positive reinforcement training techniques
    • Encourage working together as team members of equal worth
    • Set team goals to reach personal levels of achievement
  • Create a “toolbox” full of mindfulness strategies to empower one’s self awareness and intuitive healing skills
  • Provide a previously homeless dog the opportunity to experience the love and goodness of a human, while gifting back devotion and acceptance

Program Cost


Through the generous donations from the community, we are able to minimize program expenses.  Teal paws covers:​

  • Evaluation and adoption of the Ally Dog
  • Initial vaccinations and exam
  • All group training/coaching session

There is a $50 application fee.  Beyond that cost, participants in the program are required to invest their time and attention while in the program.  Upon completion of the training, the participant assumes all responsibilities for their Ally Dog, including financial obligations.